Help and Hope for Caregivers

Sonfire Media is pleased to announce the release of Shirley Leonard’s first full-length book, With Each Passing Moment.

Caregivers. Beyond tired, beyond stressed, they hunger for a glimmer of hope. You can see it in their eyes and hear it in their voices. They are stretched way too thin and panic simmers just under the surface.

What if the next thing to go wrong makes them snap? With Each Passing Moment, a devotional memoir, offers hope and encouragement for weary caregivers. The short chapters are arranged alphabetically by emotional, physical, and spiritual needs that caregivers face daily.

With Each Passing Moment is available from Sonfire Media, your local bookstores, or by the online retailers


“I loved this book because of the straight forward, honest day to day struggles caring for parents!! Such an interesting style of writing filled with perfect biblical quotes, humorous events & a very useful reference to have for the future if needed.” – Martha

“I’m savoring each chapter of this inspiring book, finding help and hope as I give care to both my mother and my husband. Shirley writes from a heart that personally understands the challenges, the frustrations, the demands of caregiving. She’s honest and open in sharing her own struggles to balance caregiving with the rest of life, yet all throughout this book she gives morsels of encouragement that bring strength and nourishment to the caregiver’s weary soul.” – Matthew

“If one small star shines, the night is less dark. This book is such a star, a sweet find for anyone struggling with loss, genuine and charming, and full of honest hope. I wanted to savor the chapters one at a time, but I couldn’t put it down. I wish I’d had a copy when my dad was fighting cancer–and when my sister was caring for her husband.” – Kathy


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