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Tailor Your Fiction Manuscript in 30 Days 

Tailor Your Fiction Manuscript in 30 Days, is a fresh and innovative refocusing of your novel or novella. Through a few simple–and fun–steps, Zoe M. McCarthy helps writers take their not-ready-for-publication and/or rejected manuscripts to a spit-polish finish. This step-by-step reference guide leads you through the process of brainstorming, shaping, and revising your fiction manuscript. Writers learn how to examine their own work for stronger plot and characterization. Valuable tools are offered that enable the writer to develop a publishable, workable draft in only 30 days!

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J-Walking – A Guide to Following Jesus


A Guide to Following Jesus for New and Growing Christians

The day you receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, God adopts you as His child. But what does it mean to be a part of this family of God? What are the principles of Christian living? And what about all that Christian lingo?
In J-Walking, Dr. Arnold Fleagle explains the foundations of faith through short, themed chapters to help you walk with Jesus in today’s world. He poses questions common to new Christians, then responds with Scripture, commentary, and life application suggestions. The chapters stand alone, allowing you to peruse topically or read chronologically.
Dr. Fleagle is a knowledgeable source for biblically-based answers to your questions. His book will add direction and purpose to your walk with Jesus and inspire you to tell others about the lessons you are learning. Whether you’re a new believer or are just looking for a guide to navigate the journey, J-Walking is one resource you’ll return to and want to share with your friends.

All the Damn Christians – A Glimpse Into the Mirror of Hypocrisy

Sonfire Media is pleased to announce the release of the book, All the Damn Christians: A Glimpse into the Mirror of Hypocrisy, by John W. Stiles, PhD.

Dr. Stiles is a resident of Sylva, NC, but spends much of his time traveling the globe as US Director for Hannam University in South Korea. He is a graduate of Montreat College, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and University of Southern Mississippi.

In his book, Stiles presents a research-based look at non-Christian’s perceptions of the Church. His title, All the Damn Christians, comes directly from a study respondent who wrote, I would have a much higher regard for the religion itself if it weren’t for all the damn Christians.”  

Stiles says that Christians have been called hypocrites for centuries, and many nonbelievers react defensively at even the slightest reference to Christianity. He shares candid insights into why the world rejects the faith and illustrates how Christians can turn hypocrisy into opportunity.

Mac Powell, Lead Vocalist for the Multi-Grammy Award-Winning Band, Third Day, endorsed the book, saying, “Dr. Stiles brings us back to the amazing grace that we have received in our lives, and encourages us to look through the eyes of Jesus as we approach and converse with the world. I can’t think of a more relevant message for the church today.”

Dr. Stiles is available for speaking engagements and interactive seminars based on his book. Please visit his website,, for more information or to schedule a presentation for your group. All the Damn Christians: A Glimpse into the Mirror of Hypocrisy, ISBN 978-0982577394, is available from Stiles as well as from online retailers, and special order through local bookstores.

Reviews and Endorsements

“I would have a much higher regard for the religion itself if it weren’t for all the damn Christians.” —Study Respondent

Christians Have Been Called Hypocrites for Centuries…
…yet never before have we sensed the level of disconnect with secular culture that is evident today. Using real comments and interviews with people from diverse backgrounds, “All the Damn Christians” generates candid insights that illustrate how you can personally turn today’s collective indictment of hypocrisy into opportunity.

My friend, John Stiles, has written a superb book that delves into the harsh differences between how we believers see ourselves, and how the rest of culture sees us. Yet the story is far from discouraging. He brings us back to the “amazing grace” that we have received in our lives, and encourages us to look through the eyes of Jesus as we approach and converse with the world. I can’t think of a more relevant message for the church today.
― Mac Powell, Lead Vocalist for Multi-Grammy Award-Winning Band, Third Day

“An outstanding exposition of how people perceive Christians as a whole based on the actions of ones they have encountered who profess to be Christian and their actions are not what is expected of a true believer. Dr Stiles challenges the reader to examine their own walk to determine exactly what image they are presenting in the day to day walk. I would suggest this book to anyone who truly believes in Christian values.” – Basil

“The book is very detailed. It is as TRUE as TRUTH can be. Easy to understand with practical and applicable scenarios. A MUST TO HAVE!!!” – Arnie

With Each Passing Moment

Help and Hope for Caregivers

Sonfire Media is pleased to announce the release of Shirley Leonard’s first full-length book, With Each Passing Moment.

Caregivers. Beyond tired, beyond stressed, they hunger for a glimmer of hope. You can see it in their eyes and hear it in their voices. They are stretched way too thin and panic simmers just under the surface.

What if the next thing to go wrong makes them snap? With Each Passing Moment, a devotional memoir, offers hope and encouragement for weary caregivers. The short chapters are arranged alphabetically by emotional, physical, and spiritual needs that caregivers face daily.

With Each Passing Moment is available from Sonfire Media, your local bookstores, or by the online retailers


“I loved this book because of the straight forward, honest day to day struggles caring for parents!! Such an interesting style of writing filled with perfect biblical quotes, humorous events & a very useful reference to have for the future if needed.” – Martha

“I’m savoring each chapter of this inspiring book, finding help and hope as I give care to both my mother and my husband. Shirley writes from a heart that personally understands the challenges, the frustrations, the demands of caregiving. She’s honest and open in sharing her own struggles to balance caregiving with the rest of life, yet all throughout this book she gives morsels of encouragement that bring strength and nourishment to the caregiver’s weary soul.” – Matthew

“If one small star shines, the night is less dark. This book is such a star, a sweet find for anyone struggling with loss, genuine and charming, and full of honest hope. I wanted to savor the chapters one at a time, but I couldn’t put it down. I wish I’d had a copy when my dad was fighting cancer–and when my sister was caring for her husband.” – Kathy


Handing It Down – Teaching Your Children the Truths of Faith

Teaching Your Children the Basics Truths of Faith

Sonfire Media is pleased to announce the release of Tim and Tami Thuber’s book, Handing it Down.

Christian parents desire to give their children and teens the foundation needed to understand and live their faith. Handing it Down, by Tim and Tami Thurber, is an understandable, biblically-solid tool for parents to use as they teach their children and teens the What and Why of the Christian faith through fun, interactive family readings.

Tim and Tami Thurber are the authors of Handing it Down, a devotional book published by Sonfire Media to help parents teach their children the basic beliefs of Christianity.


“This book is a very helpful resource for parents to be able to sit down and teach basic theological concepts to our kids in an easy to understand and conversational style.” – NC

“These authors have impacted my life so much! I was so excited to finally get a book that teaches us what we believe as Christians instead of what to do after belief. It is safe to say that I would not be the person I am today without their influence in my life.” – Mia

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Publishing Messages that Matter

Sonfire Media is a traditional publishing company producing quality, value-based nonfiction and fiction.

Our mission is to publish “Messages that Matter.” We desire to move manuscripts from dream to publication by partnering with each accepted author from submission, through edits, to cover and interior design. We seek established authors who have mastered the craft of writing, but we will consider promising first time authors with a strong marketing platform.

Our products are distributed through Ingram and are available at retail outlets, and online through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Christian Book Distributors.