Teaching Your Children the Basics Truths of Faith

Sonfire Media is pleased to announce the release of Tim and Tami Thuber’s book, Handing it Down.

Christian parents desire to give their children and teens the foundation needed to understand and live their faith. Handing it Down, by Tim and Tami Thurber, is an understandable, biblically-solid tool for parents to use as they teach their children and teens the What and Why of the Christian faith through fun, interactive family readings.

Tim and Tami Thurber are the authors of Handing it Down, a devotional book published by Sonfire Media to help parents teach their children the basic beliefs of Christianity.


“This book is a very helpful resource for parents to be able to sit down and teach basic theological concepts to our kids in an easy to understand and conversational style.” – NC

“These authors have impacted my life so much! I was so excited to finally get a book that teaches us what we believe as Christians instead of what to do after belief. It is safe to say that I would not be the person I am today without their influence in my life.” – Mia

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