An imprint of Sonfire Media, Taberah Press focuses on publishing great fiction that brings to life biblical principles through the power of a story.

Two Novels and Growing


Sonfire Media launched Taberah Press in 2011 with Something Stirs by Thomas Smith. Two years later, their next novel came out, Through the Balustrade by MB Dahl. Taberah hopes to double that number in 2017.

Excellent Craft and Meaningful Messages

In 2015, Sonfire Media asked MB Dahl to come on board to work with the Taberah imprint. Taberah is a small traditional publisher that is highly selective in the novels it publishes. “We have several criteria we use to determine if a manuscript is a good fit for our imprint,” says Dahl. “It’s certainly important that the author have a firm grasp on the craft of writing, but it is equally important that the message conveyed through the story goes beyond entertainment to give the reader something they can use on their own journey through life.”

More to Come

So far Taberah Press has published novels in the speculative genre. This will hold true for 2017 and 2018, but the small imprint hopes to broaden its offerings as they grow and discover great authors in other genres who have important messages to share.

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Taberah Press - Messages that Matter