With Each Passing Moment

by Shirley Leonard

Caregivers. Beyond tired, beyond stressed, they hunger for a glimmer of hope. You can see it in their eyes and hear it in their voices. They are stretched way too thin and panic simmers just under the surface. What if the next thing to go wrong makes them snap? With Each Passing Moment, a devotional memoir, offers hope and encouragement for weary caregivers. The short chapters are arranged alphabetically by emotional, physical, and spiritual needs that caregivers face daily.

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Shirley Leonard

Shirley Leonard

Hopelessly in love with the guy she married almost 50 years ago, Shirley Leonard has recently experienced a new kind of love affair: her first book. The title, With Each Passing Moment, (Help and Hope for Caregivers), comes from a line in an old hymn. Those lyrics helped her survive her long-distance-caregiving years as she juggled roles as pastor’s wife, mom, and daughter. She loves to share the lessons she learned in those years with others who are on that road now.