by Todd Shaw

This engaging and motivating book brings new meaning to the phrase “outreach.” In Out of the Box, the author calls for a shift in the way Christians look at what ministry is and how it can be applied to those who most need it. With practical, pertinent ways to move the focus of ministry from “in the church” to “out of the church,” this book provides guidance and encouragement to make a real impact on others in exciting and relevant ways. Out of the Box helps bring into focus ways to build ministries using God-given gifts and characteristics unique to each person. This easy to follow guide can help anyone discover and create a personal plan to reach others for Christ.



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About the Author:

Todd Shaw author of A Scout Is ...

Todd Shaw

Todd is an author, professional speaker, and the founder and president of On Track Ministry (a motorsports outreach ministry). The principles he teaches are based on scripture, and the Scout Law, Oath, and Motto.

Todd is a master storyteller, and his heartbeat is application. His enthusiasm, quick wit, and humor engage the reader or audience and motivate them toward a closer relationship with Christ.


Todd is also the author of A Scout Is…, with a foreword by Zig Ziglar. In the work place, Todd’s background includes construction, healthcare, owning and managing several restaurants, owning an automotive shop, and serving as a youth pastor. He holds a second-degree black belt, and taught karate for several years.

Todd and his wife, Lisa, live on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Galax, Virginia. They have a son, Jason, and a daughter, Krista. When not writing, speaking, or working with Scouts, Todd enjoys racing, watching re-runs of the Andy Griffith Show, drinking coffee, telling stories, and riding his motorcycle.